Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Murfreesboro Police release 2009 crime report

Murfreesboro Police reported Tuesday that the city’s overall crime rate dropped by -1 percent in 2009.

A data report released today revealed that homicide, assault, larceny and motor vehicle crimes decreased, while reports of rape, robbery, burglary and arson are on the rise.

The city had 41 reports of rape, a 32 percent increase from 2008, and a 71 percent climb in arson acts.

There were also 180 robberies committed last year and 240 more burglaries than in 2008.

Chief of Police Glenn Chrisman said officers were able to reduce a lot of theses acts, as well as gang-related violent crimes associated with them.

The number of homicides decreased by one last year, and reports of assault decreased from 1696 in 2008 to 1542 in 2009.

By using the Automated Red-light Enforcement System, officers were also able to measure traffic violations and issue 28,752 traffic citations and 547 warning citations.

But the report said fatal traffic crashes increased from six in 2008 to 10 in 2009.