Saturday, April 18, 2009

Controversial Photos Throughout History

I'm writing a paper for my ethics class about a controversial photograph and whether or not to run it in print. I chose to write about a Buddhist monk committing suicide on a street corner by lighting himself on fire. The monk was one of seven that did this in 1963 to protest against the South Vietnamese government banning the celebration of Buddha's birthday.

While searching for this photograph, I stumbled across a couple of photos I would like to share. Comment or write me at and let me know what impact these photos might have on you.

VIDEO: AfroFlow Spring 2009 at MTSU

Rapper MIKE-E and students showcase their poetic and musical talents during AfroFlow on the Honors College lawn Tuesday.

Friday, April 3, 2009

VIDEO: Mesh Art Gallery in Todd Hall

Curator Eric Snyder and artists Owen Cooper, Michelle Dutton and Jason Barnett discuss the new Mesh gallery. Five students are showcasing their work in the gallery, which is held in the Todd Hall building on campus. The gallery is free and open to students, faculty and staff.