Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Expect the Unexpected

Today I got a wake up call from reality. The Las Vegas Sun shut down and let a lot of people go.

I’m not sure whom all they let go, but I know my friend and videographer Evelio Contreras is no longer working here. :(

He was teaching me about visual storytelling and how to piece together a video. We were working on a jam skating video and story package together. It’s just hard to believe that he’s gone now.

It’s been a sad day all around, and really woke me up. I really love my job and what I do, but there’s no guarantee that jobs in journalism will exist in a few years. We all know the economy is bad right now, but what if it doesn’t get any better?

I know I’m supposed to remain optimistic but it’s a serious question. I’ve never had to deal with a staff member leaving not by choice, mainly because I’ve never worked in a professional newsroom.

Advertising is a big part of the reason why newspapers are failing, but there are other factors as well. I know I’m on an internship, so I feel pretty stable right now but what happens when I graduate? If I was a full-time employee it could have been me who was let go today.

It’s a terrible feeling and I hope no more employees have to experience it in the near future. I wish I could say NEVER but that’s unrealistic right now.

To all the employees who were let go today, I hope you find quality paying jobs because you’re all good at what you do and should pursue your dreams.