Monday, September 28, 2009

Back To Basics

Last week I got schooled, but it was a good thing. I needed someone to show me how to cover a collision scene more thoroughly and that’s exactly what I got.

I was covering a one-car collision that killed one 16-year-old and left two other teenagers in serious condition with Las Vegas Sun reporter Jean Reid Norman. I learned a lot from Norman about how to work with information and listen carefully for what you might need. Even though neighbors nearby might ramble and have no useful information, they might slip up and say something beneficial.

I’ve covered crime before but never vehicle accidents. I felt like I grew as a journalist by working with her that day. She taught me things and I feel like I’m a better journalist because of it. So yes, I got schooled and it was totally worth it.

For the weekend, I covered a walk to raise awareness about child trafficking and prostitution. Even though I wasn’t covering breaking news, I still used some of the techniques that Jean taught me. I think the story turned out well because I was willing and able to dig a little deeper.

Here are the links for the stories I’m talking about.

Group rallies to bring attention to child prostitution

Teen dies after SUV hits block wall

Friends gather to mourn Del Sol High School student killed in crash

I also got to know my co-workers better this weekend. Videographer and former anchor Denise Spidle invited me to a potluck dinner at her house. The entire office team showed up, and I had a great time getting to know everyone better.

Denise is also helping me learn Final Cut Pro. I’m so excited about this! And the best part is I might be able to start shooting videos soon. I’m already getting to shoot pictures and post galleries, but video is my ultimate goal. Plus, videographers are using my dream camera that I wanted for Sidelines. That’s right. I will actually get to use an AG-DVX100B Panasonic camera! Did I mention I’m excited about this? Haha.

In addition to video training, I will be covering more court cases, which is pretty awesome in my book. I will also be writing a feature sports piece on BMX rider Nathan Berkheimer. It’s too bad I won’t actually get to meet him, but it’s still a story.

It’s only Monday and the week is filling up fast. Man, I love my job! ☺


Jean said...

Thanks for the props. You did a good job on the child prostitution rally. Thorough.

Anonymous said...

Tiffany rocks. Glad you are learning so much and being open to being "schooled". It will really help you improve. :)