Monday, August 31, 2009

Fear and Living in Las Vegas

I never post anything personal on my blog, but I'm going to take an entry to do so. A few days ago I received an internship in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Las Vegas Sun. It's an incredible opportunity that I'm stoked about.

There are so many diverse people and stories just waiting to be told in Vegas. However, I'm a little nervous at the moment as to where I'm going to live. It seems staying four months has put me in a bind when it comes to apartment leases. Everywhere I call, the landlord wants a six-month lease and that's just not possible right now.

I found a few places that allow three-month leases, but seem to have a bit of a bug problem. It's a little unsettling when a landlord says "Everyone has bugs. I just don't let me kids eat anywhere except for the kitchen counter."

I think I'll pass.

Another option I came across was a room for rent with two complete strangers. I actually thought about calling but remembered my horror movie knowledge. Moving in with strangers could be a slasher film waiting to happen.

After 20 different phone calls, I came across an apartment complex I really liked. It's called Sunset Winds and looks really clean and safe. Then I noticed the amount for a one bedroom – $710, excluding utilities.

I leave for Las Vegas Wednesday morning. Until then, I have four days to decide where I'm going to live. Things are getting stressful, but it's going to be an amazing journey. I will post updates as much as I can along the way. :)

P.S. Oh and if anyone in Vegas is looking for a roommate, contact me as soon as possible, please.