Friday, June 19, 2009

Apple creates new x-rated iPhone App

The iPhone has already sealed its' place in history but it might be remembered for something else after its' new and free application called MyVibe.

MyVibe is the first x-rated app and vibrator approved by Apple, said.

The device has an on/off button that is easily controlled and lets the user determine the amount of vibration he or she wants.

The app is limited in vibration but is supposed to be used to spice things up between partners when they can't be together.

I refuse to believe that Apple didn't take into consideration that hormonal and sex-driven teenagers might indulge in this application. It's actually surprising that an app like this is even available, considering the censors the American government places on sex and porn.

Does this mean that the app will have an age limit placed on it? If so, what if parents buy an iPhone for their son or daughter and the account is in their name?

There are limitless questions when it comes to this app and how long it will actually stay on the market. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with it, but I give it a month or so before Apple recalls it.

This whole idea seems similar to the Harry Potter vibrating broom stick, except Apple fully acknowledges that this app should be used for pleasure. Yeah, you don't see those broomsticks anymore, do you?