Saturday, January 31, 2009

Teenage girls chatting on Facebook at high risk of depression

Adolescent girls using electronics to obsess over romantic disappointments more likely to become anxious, depressed.

Of course, girls are more likely than boys to discuss emotions, but actually repeating their feelings over and over can lead to unhealthy activity.

Stony Brook University in New York psychology professor Joanne Davila and colleague Lisa Starr, conducted an experiment by interviewing 83 girls around the age of 13. They followed up with the girls a few years later to continue their testing of depression symptoms.

Their report was published in the The Journal of Adolescence and found that repeatedly discussing problems with friends leads to higher levels of depression.

Davila and Starr also found that text messaging among teens is also a bad idea, because it can make them more anxious.

Other than girls, Davila said that boys are also at risk.

"It's most likely they are discussing the game last night or meeting up, but there's a possibility they could start discussing emotional problems more than in the past which would put them at risk."

Finally a study proves that gossiping via text message or Facebook could prove miserable.

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